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Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce Board Director application. The Board of Directors are the governing body & policy making arm of the organization. It's membership represents a broad cross-section of the business and professional leadership of the community. Each Director is important to the success of the organization and an understanding of director responsibility is imperative to the objectives of our Chamber. Loyalty to the organization, its mission, objectives, and staff is paramount to the long term success of the Chamber. The deadline to apply for each year is March 31st.
1. Required attendance to at least one Member Orientation annually. 2. Attendance at the annual Board of Directors strategic planning retreat. 3. Attendance at the annual awards banquet (Gala). 4. Prompt attendance at each regular and special Board meeting. This involves the commitment of at least one to one and a half hours for each meeting. Missing three (3) meetings during a fiscal year may result in removal from the Board as determined by the Executive Committee. 5. Attendance at the monthly mixers. 50% or more. 6. Assist the Chamber with communications about its programs through personal, ancillary, and business contacts. 7. Participation in the Chamber's signature events. 8. Participation on at least one committee and reporting progress to the Board on an ongoing and regular basis. 9. Attendance at Ribbon Cuttings when available. 10. Must not belong to or be involved with a competing entity. 11. Strict adherence to the confidentiality policy is required. 12. Must comply with the majority rulings of the Board even when you may represent a dissenting point of view or be an opposing/abstaining vote.
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If application is received AFTER April 1st your submission may not be considered for the upcoming fiscal year. You may apply/select for the following year.
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