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Mixed Media: combo/mix of media in one piece

About Us

Dan Skaggs multifaceted art career spans over thirty years and includes a vast exploration of many mediums and techniques. He is renowned for his pioneering, awe inspiring sculptural water wall installations throughout high end hotels and commercial buildings. Numerous private collections include these sculptural pieces throughout the US and overseas. Mr. Skaggs is noted for his exploration and versatility in a wide variety of materials and textures. He approaches art with the belief that each material has its’ own emotional qualities.

Dan’s tongue and cheek interpretation of “Mindfulness” format resulted in the development of his “Elsewhere” series. In recent years he has also transitioned his creative drive into what he refers to as two dimensional” Objexts”. This exciting new series of works, essentially removes paintings from their traditional rectangular formats. “Objexts” consist of silhouette cut artist panels, painted in acrylics and oils, then finished with a high gloss epoxy coating. They literally float off the wall in this new art form.

Dan Skaggs began his professional training with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree in Sculpture from Ca. State University, Long Beach, CA. Dan’s talents were also transferred to his many students, during his professional teaching career as Instructor and Professor for fourteen years at the Interior Designers Institute of Newport Beach, CA. Additionally, Dan has been an award winning participant at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts for over thirty years.

The ”Objexts” series of free formed magical colors and shapes


The Artist 6'x 18" +/-
Beach Towel...33"x25"
Love Story 28"x42"
Feather 47"x17"
Golden Highway 25"x22"
Oh Oh 18"x15"