DIY Plant & Home Creations

DIY Plant & Home Creations


Ceramic: stoneware, functional/nonfunctional, raku, hand thrown

About Us

The Founders, Lisa Youngblood and Michelle Moore, were shopping for their new homes. They both were admiring planters with succulent arrangement, but some succulents looked too fake, or it was the wrong color, size, and shape. They decided to stop shopping and went to “Lunch”, code word for a glass of wine. They started discussing the need for people to be able to “Live Your Style”, and our company was born. Since then, they have launched our home design division and personal parties.
We encourage our clients to choose their style, with guidance and we design the perfect style for them. This interactive approach in their home, or at an event has proven very successful.


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Indoor/Outdoor featuring live saguaro skeleton
Indoor medium planter featuring premium succulents
Planter provided by client, design by DIY Plant & Home Creations
Wall, table, corner planters and furnishings designed by us
Sit back and enjoy the pool designe with relaxation in mind
Bring Rustic Elegance to your home
Rustic with a touch of "Glass"
Feel the Beach in the Desert
Spanish style planter for Indoor/Outdoor
A piece that makes a statement