Found In The Ground Candles

Found In The Ground Candles


Mixed Media: combo/mix of media in one piece

About Us

Thank you for visiting Found In The Ground Candles & Gifts. Tell the special person in your life that ''they rock” with a one of a kind gift of a unique flat rock oil candle, crystal oil lamp, tea light candle holder, natural stone serving board or coasters. All products are unique and handmade from beautiful crystals, polished agates, petrified wood, ancient fossil rocks or natural stone from around the world. Many are made from stones mined in the U.S.

All oil lamps include a starter oil set with smokeless, odorless, ultra-pure paraffin oil, mini funnel for filling and filling instructions. Additional ultra-pure paraffin oil or lamp oil of your choice can be purchased from online retailers.

Unique stone candles and serving stones are perfect gifts for Housewarming, Graduations, Just Because, Thinking Of You, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Mother's Day, Client Gifts, Memorial Candles, Metaphysical Healing Stone Gifts, Valentine’s Day, Father's Day, Hanukkah & Christmas gifts.