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About Us

Linda Poole is a native Oregonian and spent most of her life on the Oregon coast. Her parents started a landmark business in 1961, and after working alongside them she was taught the valuable lessons of excellent service, quality, and the necessity of hard work.

After 30 years in the food and retail industry, Linda moved from the coast to Portland to obtain a degree in Behavioral Science. After getting her degree she volunteered at many agencies which taught her compassion, strength and courage at many levels. Through these experiences she learned her true passion was working with people one on one and helping to navigate through difficult times.

In 2015 Linda decided to leave Oregon and make Fountain Hills her new home. Real Estate had always been an interest of hers but it was not until she came to Arizona that she decided that with her experience she could help others with their housing needs.

Finding a new home for whatever reason is a major investment and one of the bigger stressors of life. Let Linda help in your endeavor in starting a new chapter in your life. She promises with her help, the transition will be much easier!

Linda has a special affinity for helping others. Take the leap, whatever it might be; moving forward, downsizing, or simply finding your new home.