Remember Wrigley Field

Remember Wrigley Field



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Archival digital prints on canvas of historic Wrigley Field — and more
It all started in 2013 when the billionaires who own the North Side baseball club announced their intention to invest $500 million into Wrigley Field, a project that would dramatically transform not only the ballpark but all of the part of East Lake View known as "Wrigleyville." My objective was twofold. First, as a preservationist, I wanted to remind people how different Wrigley Field looked in the early 1930s — before bleachers, ivy and the hand-operated scoreboard. Second, I wanted to show that the stadium already had been through several rounds of major renovations and — despite neighborhood bantor — the world would NOT end.

While it all started with the renovation, I've tried to slowly expand the reach of this collection — adding a handful of new images each year (including several of my own). Most come from extensive research of Chicago History Museum archives and its collection of Chicago Daily News prints. Some are in the Chicago Public Library system. Others are mine or are in the public domain. I've done my best to do the research and acquire the appropriate rights. And Remember Wrigley Field was born. So, Remember Wrigley Field (and West Side Park). And Comiskey (and South Side Park). And Soldier Field. And all the historic sports venues of Chicago. The way they used to be. I hope you enjoy the art.


1937 - Planting the Ivy at Wrigley Field (24x24)
1935 - World Series Marquee (24x24)
1959 - Chicago Cardinals (Arizona!) final home game in Chicago (vs Bears) (24x24)
2020 - LOCAL BONUS! - Sonoran desert sunset south of Why, Arizona (40x16 panorama)
2021 - LOCAL BONUS! - Brown Mountain trail near Saguaro NP, Tucson (24x20)